Nearby Places To Visit

Nearby Places To Visit

Cascade Complex
Built in the 1970s Cascade is a huge stairway that links the city center to the Haghtanak (Victory) Park, where the statue of Mother Armenia stands. From the top of Cascade one can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Yerevan. Inside the Cascade there is an escalator equal to the length of the complex. This is a perfect option for those who are not determined to climb the stairs. Cascade houses the Cafesjian Museum of Art. Here unique and contemporary art works are exhibited. It's a well-known venue offering interesting lectures covering different topics, movie watching and discussing opportunities, classic concerts, and various educational undertakings for children and adults.

In front of Cascade there is a beautiful green area with fountains and unique statues, which attract tourists’ attention. This is the best place for having a pleasant evening walk and drinking a cup of coffee or glass of wine in one of the uniquely designed cafes around.

Martiros Saryan House Museum
The Martiros Saryan House Museum is a real gem. The museum celebrates the life, work and memories of one of Armenia’s most popular painters: Martinos Saryan. Saryan was born in 1880 and traveled extensively in Armenia, capturing the beauty of the countryside in his paintings. He is a versatile artist, not only painting landscapes but also portraits, country life, still lifes, etc. The museum itself is located in the former residence of Martiros Saryan. The permanent collection consists of approximately 300 pieces and shows the evolution of the painter. Visitors can see some of Saryan's early sketches, fantastic watercolors, and vibrant Fauvism masterpieces. The entire museum consists of three floors, two galleries are located on the top two floors, and Saryan's studio/gallery is located on the bottom floor. The study also contains many personal mementos of Saryan, including letters, family photos, and awards. 

It is no coincidence that the museum is located on a street named after Saryan himself. There is also a huge statue of Saryan in the park between the Opera House and Cascade. Here, local artists set up a fairly large painting fair where they sell their own works. coincide? I do not think so! 

The Opera and Ballet Theater
The Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the most outstanding landmarks in Armenia. Located in the heart of Yerevan, it was designed by the architect Alexander Tamanian, who connected two auditoriums in a uniform semicircular building in an unusual manner. While building this artistic monument, Tamanian used the best traditions of medieval Armenian architecture while stylizing traditional national ornaments. 

The theater part of the building was finished in 1939. In 1963, the big hall of the philharmonic society was added. The building in its present condition appeared after the reconstruction of 1980. The theatre capacity is 1,260 people; the philharmonic society hall can hold 1,400. Both halls have the shape of an amphitheater and are distinguished by magnificent acoustics. The project was awarded the "Grand Prix" at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1937. 

The square in front of the Opera building is decorated with sculptures of the poet O. Tumanian and the composer A. Spendiarian. The square in front of the Opera House has a statue of Aram Khachaturian, and one of the halls in the theater itself is also named after him. There is a swan lake near the square. Numerous cafes give a special color to the adjoining district and are very popular with Yerevan youth.

Saryan Wine Street
Packed with lively wine bars and studios, Saryan is literally just meant for the classical combination of fine drinking and art. Saryan Museum and former his house are in close neighborhood with the museum and former house of Tumanyan, after whom Tumanyan street is named.

Invino was the first wine place in the street and was the founder of wine culture in the hood. Cheap and affordable wine poured in a glass and a very unique classy expensive wine wrapped for a takeaway purchase - your typical invino experience, if you plan a visit. Dropping by with friends for a wine get-together promises a cozy evening either inside in the corky interior or outside in the hospitable atmosphere of joy and taste in the most wineful street of Yerevan.

Tapastan is not only about wine - food is a fetish of the place. Come over ] hungry and order a crazy steak or tjvjik (beef liver pieces) and a bottle of red Armenian “Aparteni”. Same cozy and joyful atmosphere guaranteed.

Martiros Saryan house-museum
Collection of Martiros Saryan’s paintings in a well-curated space, also the original interior of his studio and apartment.

Voskevaz, in the first place, is a winery located in Aragatsotn Region, Voskevaz village. Wine time is a wine bar/restaurant headquarter of the winery with a chill backyard. Open-air sweet yard is the pearl of this place along with its branded wines. For a snack order “vegetable symphony”, a nice compliment for both white and red wine.

Process Pub. Once you are there do not be trapped if you think it is closed. Process is open till very late, but you need to first ring a bell to enter - a little bit of secrecy gives this place a touch of uniqueness. Live music and DJ gigs, a very cozy atmosphere and the best night pizza. Process has a hippie heart and a soul of jazz and house lover - jazz is played very intensely and very often, while playlists are full of house and other nice sounds. It is always enjoyable, but again do not forget to try the pizza!

If you are planning to travel to Yerevan at the beginning of June then you have a chance to visit one of the most entertaining festivals at that period of time, Yerewine Days!
The festival features local wine and cheese producers displaying their products, and there is a special zone for wine sales. Local restaurants offer Armenian and world dishes as pairings with wine. This is all accompanied by talented musicians and dancers of various genres, including one of the best local DJs.

The entrance to the event is free for everyone. However, to taste the presented wines you need to buy special packages. The package includes a lanyard case, a wine glass, a brochure with coupons and full information about the winemakers, discount coupons for the presented restaurants, as well as other discounts. The brochure includes a list of wines and the number of coupons each cost. The wine glasses and coupons also will be sold separately.

Yerevan Wine Days are organized like a street festival, with vendors lining the perimeter of the street.