Yerevan night life

Yerevan night life

A lazy walk in the city at night is itself a pleasure in Yerevan but the city has a very dynamic and attractive nightlife. The guests of the city have many options to choose for great dinner, craft cocktail with Armenian twist and quality music to make the evening unforgettable.

Below is the list of top 5 trendy clubs of 2021 of locals for cocktail-crawl nights in Yerevan.

A hidden piece of tropical vintage is situated in one of the most iconic houses of Yerevan and promises exceptional experience. The experimental craft cocktail menu created by Armenia’s leading Mixologist Stepan Abrahamyan is influenced by travels, philosophy, history, art, music and nature, which unpredictably expands its range. It’s about drinking better, not drinking more. The menu is inspired by the street food around the world and offers an impressive twist to experience the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

Simona is all about great bartenders, exquisite cocktails and great music.
A very unique place with dreamy, movie-like atmosphere where you can enjoy a wasabi infused Japanese gin based cocktail to make the evening (if not the whole night) very special.

Bar Phoenīx
Bar Phoenīx is a gastronomic Cocktail Bar։ a place, where you are surrounded by real legends.  Located at Abovyan 10, a historical building inherited from the Ancient Yerevan era, this place offers 12 unique brandy-based cocktails, made from superior ingredients and brought to you from various corners of Armenia and different parts of the world. Awaiting the visitors is also the bottle of Legendary Brandy from the ARARAT Store located inside the Bar. To pair its exquisite drinks with superb dishes, Bar Phoenīx offers a fine dining menu, meticulously selected by local and guest chefs.

The Kond House
Are you looking for something special? Well you should visit The Kond House. Is it a restaurant? A bar? A pub? Or maybe an outdoor café? Well, the answer to all these questions is YES! It is a place with a great mood and atmosphere, as if you came to visit an old friend’s house where is a party now. They have great kitchen, great choice of alcoholic drinks.

Compote Bar and Gill Garden
This is one of the favorite places of locals to chill. Situated in the center of the city, Compote feels like you are out of town spending quality time with friends and family.

Great bar with a variety of cocktails, very tasty kitchen and several areas to fit your mood, whether you want an Italian dinner with wine, outdoor grill or simply a cocktail by the counter.